Thursday, March 1, 2007

Professor Bolender starts "Mandaean Crisis International"

Professor John Bolender is the president of a new organization called Mandaean Crisis International. He has written to me about his organization. If you are interested in joining his efforts, he can be contacted by e-mail or snail mail:

now until Sept. 5th, snail mail address
John Bolender
904 Loop Road
Piketon, OH 45661

after Sept. 5, snail mail address
John Bolender
Department of Philosophy
Middle East Technical University
Ankara 06531
The purpose of Mandaean Crisis International is to bring the attention of the international community to the plight of Mandaeans, especially those currently suffering in Iraq. Mandaean Crisis International makes use of the internet as a means of linking individuals, NGOs, and other organizations around the world to form a pressure group for the defense of Mandaean rights worldwide.

For more information on what the Mandaeans are facing everyday, I refer you to a couple of articles on the web written by Professor Bolender.

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