Friday, November 16, 2007

MacLean's Article on The Thirteenth Apostle

April is in San Diego with many of you at the annual SBL meeting. She is crazy busy there and has asked me (her husband) to put up a post, or two, linking to items of interest. So here is a link to an article that April did an interview for, in MacLean's. April called home last night after arriving (safely) in her San Diego hotel and is looking forward to the conference and seeing many of you there!

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Phil Snider said...

Interesting article, particularly the insight about wanting to read Judas in a more positive light. This is especially interesting to me because I've been thinking about this more and more the last few weeks, what with living in a Jewish area of our city, my wife attending a couple Holocaust education week events and reading a book on the place of the God of Israel in Christian theology. I wonder, though, why single out Judas in particular? What about the rest of the disciples who were Jews and didn't defect.

I haven't got my hands on April's book, although I hope to sometime in the future. From reviews, it confirms my impression on this blog that her scholarship is careful. Despite our differences, I respect that.