Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Petition to Sign to help the Mandaeans attain refugee status

Please help the Mandaeans gain refugee status as a community. Click this petition. It only takes a few seconds to sign.

From John Bolender:
Dear all:

At this site, you will find a petition addressed to US Sec. of State Rice concerning granting asylum to Mandaeans as a community. In order to see the petition, you will have to click the link marked "letter," which I admit is rather small and easy to miss. I urge you to sign the petition and to spread the word to others to do likewise. Thank you very much.


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Unknown said...

Dr. DeConick:

I have re-posted this petition in several places, actually MANY places. We will contribute to get the 1000 signed petition. From yesterday (I was #6 I think) and I just checked and there is 72. I will continue, as the Mandaeans are beautiful people and it would be horrible to see them and their culture dissapear.