Tuesday, November 4, 2008




R.Eagle said...

And while you're at it...vote OBAMA! ;-)

Judy Redman said...

I was late for work this morning because I was reading comments from an email list I belong to about the voting. It sounds as though there will be an absolutely unprecedented number of votes cast. Awaiting the news with bated breath.

José Solano said...

It appears clear that Obama will be the next president of the US. He is a brilliant orator and has excellent ideas regarding health care and varied domestic programs.

If he can shake off to some extent the power of the multinational corporations and the military industrial complex he might even help reduce the US involvement in bellicose activities worldwide. But I doubt he can do this. He might be able to build better rapport with other nations which is a big plus.

My fear is that with his radical endorsement of the culture of death and depravity the slaughter of children will increase exponentially as he may be able to place pro-death judges on the Supreme Court, especially as more Democrats take greater control of the Senate. Obama will also work hard to fully deconstruct marriage.

I agree with you that Palin was not the best choice McCain could have made. I would have much preferred someone like Mary Ann Glendon but I’m sure she was not available, though he may have picked her for the Supreme Court. That possibility is now probably extinguished.

I pray for the well-being of our nation.