Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Any new information about the Ohio fragments?

What is going on with the Ohio fragments? Does anyone have any new information about the status of the Ohio fragments of the Tchacos Codex that contains the Gospel of Judas?

The last I heard, the actual fragments were in the possession of a bank due to a bankruptcy ruling in Ohio. I am still hoping that they will not be sold off to individual collectors, but will be turned over to be conserved.

It is not clear to me what is in the Ohio fragments, but my impression is that there are fragments that exist which are not part of the 50 unreleased photos.

I do not know what the fragments contain in terms of content because I haven't seen them, although there are 50 photos of some of them (?) which exist but which have not been released for scholarly study yet because ownership of the fragments themselves haven't yet been resolved.

Keep in mind that according to the numbers on the pages of the Tchacos Codex, we only have conserved about half of the original book. We know that it contained a tract that involved Allogenes, but none of what was published appears to match what we have preserved in the Allogenes text from NHC. So was is it a second Allogenes text? That is what the NGS team has said, calling it a "book of Allogenes."

It is clear that we have a fragment from Corpus Hermeticum 13. It is only a fragment at this point. Was the entire CH 13 part of this old book? It is very possible, even likely, given that Hermetic books turn up in the NHCs too.

I am hoping that a new portion of a page from the Gospel of Judas will be part of the fragments in Ohio. It would be nice to know who ascends into the cloud, among other things.

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