Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Gnostic 3 now available

Just an alert that the new journal The Gnostic is available in its third volume, which features Jung and The Red Book (see my recent Mellon Seminar blog post on Jung). Support this fledgling journal if you can. It's easy to buy on Amazon HERE and only cost $13.50 which is what, two or three coffees at Starbucks?


monkey king said...

I bought issues 1 and 2 at Half Price Books. This is a great mag. I am buying issue 3 after I start my new job.

Unknown said...

Some fun articles but not an academic publication by any means. I contributed a translation of Judas (leaning heavily on April's book Thirteenth Apostle in the notes) for the first issue but pulled my participation after #1 when I realized it is primarily a gnosis-as-occult themed magazine and not really a healthy atmosphere for my work.

Andrew Phillip Smith said...

The Gnostic is intended primarily for a spiritually-interested audience. But we do include interviews with academic experts, reliable translations, and articles by academics (even a poem by an academic--April's lovely “the garden”.) Issue 4 features an article submitted on spec by an academic and another academic is interested in writing for that issue. We also feature Gnosticism in popular culture, creative people inspired by Gnosticism, lay articles on historical Gnosticism and contemporary Gnostic approaches, fiction, material on other spiritual traditions and book reviews.