Sunday, March 24, 2013

You are invited to "Easter in Memory of Her"

I am excited to invite you to a special service that will be performed at Christ Church Cathedral (Houston, Texas) on Holy Saturday (March 30th) this year.

It is a service remembering the biblical women in the life of Jesus who followed him to the cross and remained steadfast by his side as he died.  The idea for this service came when Reverend Betty Adam approached me and asked me to help create a service that would feature the women followers of Jesus.  I was so honored and excited to get involved in this project and within a couple of weeks Betty and I had written a script and asked local musicians to get involved in creating an original score for voice and harp.

The musical performance and meditation features five women in the life of Jesus who remember Jesus as they stand near the cross and look on.  We hope that this remembrance of the women can become part of the traditional cycle of Easter services performed in Christian churches across the world.  We choose Holy Saturday because it is a silent time, a time vacated and empty when churches strip their altars and when clergy only perform last rites services.  We thought that this time, from 4-5 p.m., would be an appropriate time to remember the women who have been forgotten, whose voices we seldom hear, but who remained steadfast and faithful to Jesus, even to his death.


Br. Pax said...

This sounds wonderful. Will this be recorded and posted?

April DeConick said...

It will be recorded. I will see what I can do about posting it.