Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Who is the featured biblioblogger for August?

For the answer, check it out here.


Chris Weimer said...

Congratulations! I just read through it.

Pastor Bob said...

I just read the interview and I also offer my congratulations.

I do have one question. My reading of Gnostic materials was back in the 1970's so we may be talking about different material. You say in the interview "The Gnostic literature provides these people with examples of early Christians whose claim to authority was largely personal and internal — that is, their consciences, which the Gnostics understood to be God embodied."

It was my understanding of Gnostic belief that they believed that all humans and in some cases all life was created from sparks of light, that is parts of the true god stolen by the demiurge and trapped in physical form. I thought the Gnostics saw those sparks of light as the soul. Did I get it wrong all these years, are we talking about different texts, or is there some connection between conscience and soul that I am not getting?

Thanks for any response you can give. If you want to give it to me directly send it to