Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Apocryphote of the Day: 10-29-08

From the invisible, ineffable worlds, the invisible righteous soul came. She is a fellow member, and a fellow body, and a fellow spirit. Whether she is in the descent (to earth) or is in the Pleroma, she is not separated from the upper aeons. They see her and she looks at them in the invisible world. Secretly her bridegroom fetched the word as medicine. He put it in her mouth and made her eat it like food. He applied the word to her eyes as medicine and made her see with her mind. He made her perceive who her kinsmen were and where she first came from so that she would receive what is hers.

Authoritative Teaching 22.14-34 (Christian text; mid- to late-second century; distinctive Middle Platonic features).

Commentary: this is a retelling of a common story, especially in Alexandrian Christianity, of the embodiment of the soul (as a fall), and its redemption.

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