Tuesday, November 4, 2008

We did it!

Congratulations to Barack Obama! This is a moment I will always remember.


Mark D B said...

Hear, hear!

Judy Redman said...

Even if you live in a pretty red state. :-) It is interesting the level of interest this election has engendered in Australia where the results of the US elections are normally a matter of more or less indifference.

Richard Godijn said...

Yes, in the Netherlands we've been hearing nothing else but news about the US election these past few days and there was live coverage all night long.

Congratulations to the US and the rest of the world. This is truly a step forward for us all!

RL said...

Also here in Italy.

David said...

In the midst of our celebration of new beginnings, we need also to remember the challenges.

What the Christian Coalition said last night about Obama

I have heard so-called Christians referring to Obama as the Anti-Christ, but now he's the second Hitler ?????

David said...

My apologies. It seems that the CC pulled this page from their site. Perhaps sanity prevailed.

José Solano said...

The defense of marriage wins in California, Arizona and Florida.

Take note Netherlands and Europe. Take note Obama.


R.Eagle said...


Here it is David...guess these idiots have nothing else better to do.

David said...

Good info, but not the post I was talking about. The one I saw before it was removed claimed that Obama was the 2nd Hitler. I guess even that was too much for CC.

LM.Pronko@gmail.com said...

And the false prophet takes his throne.

R.Eagle said...

Yo, St. Mic, you can't be serious?

Liam Madden said...

This isn't about the election. I've just been enjoying your ORIGINAL GOSPEL OF THOMAS IN TRANSLATION. As someone who got interested in the Jerusalem Church, James, and offshoots of that community while taking a course on the gospels at Davidson College years ago, it's interesting and good to see the Thomas material less thru the Gnostic frame and more as what it is/was. I've always been curious as to at what point early believers started to think of Jesus as God or equate him with God, so the material relating to the NAME Angel was especially interesting because out of all of the material, it was completely new to me. Would you, perhaps, point me to some additional articles and/or early texts where the NAME Angel theology is expressed or implied. If so, I'd be very grateful.


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