Monday, March 3, 2008

Apocryphote of the Day: 3-3-08

"And after that I heard voices in the height of heaven saying, 'Present that wretched soul to God, so that it may know that it is God whom it despised.' When it had entered heaven all the angels saw it. A thousand thousand exclaimed with one voice, all saying, 'Woe to you wretched soul, for the sake of your works which you did on earth. What answer are you about to give God when you have approached to adore him?' The angel who was with it answered and said, 'Weep with me, my beloved, for I have not found rest in this soul.'...And there came the voice of God to it and said, 'Where is your fruit which you have made worthy of the goods which you have received? Have I put a distance of one day between you and the just person? Did I not make the sun to rise upon you as upon the just?'"

The Apocalypse of Paul 16 (Greek version; NOT NHC) ca. second century.

Commentary: Origen in hom. V in Psalmos 36 describes the fate of souls after death. His description seems to be drawn from chapters 13ff. of this Apocalypse of Paul.

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R.Eagle said...

I thought it regarding Paul (or Saul, actually), before he would be required to spend his time in the wilderness after his Damascus experience???