Monday, March 31, 2008

Apocryphote of the Day: 3-31-08

The Father is [the root] of everything, the [Ineffable One] who dwells in the Monad. [He dwells alone] in Silence, [and Silence is] tranquility since, after all, [he was] a Monad and no one [was] before him. He dwells [in the Dyad] and in the Pair, and his Pair is Silence. And he possessed everything dwelling within him. And as for Intention and Persistence, Love and Permanence, they are indeed unbegotten. God came forth: the Son, Mind of everything, that is, it is from the Root of the All that even his Thought stems, since he had this One in Mind.

A Valentinian Exposition 22.20-36

Comment: Another passage to consider in our discussion of modalism and trinitarianism. How might we describe the Valentinian position in relation to other second century attempts to frame the trinitarian problem?

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