Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Apocryphote of the Day: 6-24-08

When Eve was still in Adam, death did not exist. When she was separated from him, death came into being. If he enters again and attains his former self, there will be no death...Christ came to repair the separation which was from the beginning and again unite the two, and to give life to those who died as a result of the separation and unite them. The woman is united to her husband in the bridal chamber. Indeed those who have united in the bridal chamber will no longer be separated.

Gospel of Philip 68.23-26, 70.13-20


Unknown said...

Hi April,

What is the provenance of this wonderfull painting ?

April DeConick said...


I would love to know this! I found it on a web search with no attribution, but I'd like to find this out and perhaps include it in my book. It is the Gospel of Philip illustrated! Along with many other Christian texts on the subject of course.

So if anyone knows where this painting came from, please comment with the information!