Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Do Unitarian Universalists have a creed?

Wade has written a series of posts already on Unitarian Universalism, what he likes about the tradition HERE and what he doesn't like about it HERE and HERE. I have talked to him about these things often, and have joked with him and other UU members, especially those who claim to have no creed or no belief. I came to Unitarian Universalism through Wade who was already a member of a congregration when I met him.

As a historian of religion looking at the congregrations I have attended, I have to smile. Because they do have a creed, and they do have a belief system that holds them together, although this does not appear to me to be a common theology.

As for the creed and the belief system, it is embodied in their value system, seven values that they hold in common. These values under gird the UU congregrations. It is what holds the religion together, and it is what is so exciting about the tradition. Here is a group of people who are inclusive, having major religious differences, and yet remain as a community because of their core values. What I miss in UU congregrations is the continuity of story and liturgy, although I find it refreshing that each and every person is supported in his or her own personal spiritual journey.


Loren Rosson III said...

Here's the statement of beliefs for my UU church in Nashua. As I like to put it (half in jest, though half serious) we UU's believe in everything and nothing at all.

José Solano said...

Sounds like the Ethical Culture Society. Any word on their possible unification?