Thursday, August 20, 2009

Apocryphote of the Day: 8-20-09

My heart was pruned and its flower appeared,
Then grace sprang up from in it,
And it produced fruits for the Lord.
For the Most High circumcised me by his Holy Spirit,
Then he uncovered my inward being towards him,
And filled me with his love.
And his circumcising became my salvation,
And I ran in the way, in his peace,
In the way of truth.

Odes of Solomon 11.1-3 (Syrian, end of second and beginning of third century CE)


PAULYR said...

Beautiful, poetic passage, using picturesque speech, expressing a person's feeling of closeness to God, as a result of God's own initiative in 'pruning' and 'circumcising' the human person. We need to be worked on by God, in order to find salvation.
Our natural state doesn't cut it.

Bob MacDonald said...

that one should be canonized