Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Working on the blog today

Designed a new banner for the blog today. What do you think?


Nathaniel Engelsen said...

great banner -- but the white text is hard to read.

April DeConick said...

Okay, I'll try something else.

April DeConick said...

Is the rust easier?

Morgan Drake Eckstein said...

The rust is easier to read, but I am having trouble with the grey letters.

OSSRD said...

Looks great! I really enjoy reading your blog and I often post your articles to be read by my parishioners and study group members.

Jerome said...

Nice picture but text is hard to read.

By the way: you should consider moving from Blogspot to Wordpress! So much easier and better!!

Seriously, give it a try?

April DeConick said...

Rev. Deacon Donald Donato,
Thanks for the feedback. I will get back to posting regularly once school begins in a couple of weeks. Now I'm doing what I can do from home, things that do not involve too much thinking!

April DeConick said...


I think I have corrected the color problem now. I have too much invested on blogger to leave, and besides, I now know what I'm doing, and need to be able to access the HTML code.

Morgan Drake Eckstein said...

The text is now readable.

I understand about having too much invested in blogger to leave; I am in the same boat myself.

Jerome said...

Moving from Blogger to Wordpress is actually very easy though! It's a one button thing, even in the wordpress.com version (as compared to when you're hosting Wordpress on your own web server). Simply go to 'tools' > 'import' > 'import blogger' and you're running.

Trust me, wordpress is SO much better. Blogspot/Blogger hasn't evolved in years.

The admin ( = you) have much more control, you can have prettier designs and it's nicer to use by your users too.

WP is pretty AND competent! :)

Sorry for sounding like a salesman but the things is just so good. And free!

Morgan Drake Eckstein said...

It is not moving the blog that is the problem. Rather it is the updating of all the incoming links that I personally control, and trying to get other people to change their links to me that would be the problem.

If I did switch to another service, it would probably be a complete different blog than the ones I currently do.

April DeConick said...

That is correct Morgan. Once the link is known and published in many formats, to change it is to lose all those connections.

Jerome said...

Ok, last try and then I'll leave you alone ;)

After the import into Wordpress the old site and the old links would still work! The new posts obviously would only exist on the new one.

You would only need a last post on the old blog indicating the move to the new one.

You should really try Wordpress, it's like moving from an old rusty car to a shiny new one ;)

Ok, I'm quiet now :)

lightseeker said...

New banner looks great, April. I think it much better reflects what your blog is all about.

Unknown said...

Just an idea.

I would like to submit an idea which I think would give your Blog Banner an elegant and classy appearance simply by using "Gold Text" effect against a Burgandy Background. The nice thing about this idea is...... there is an online tutorial explaining how to use Photoshop for this elegant gold text effect. Nice! see the linlk below.


I enjoy your Blog.

"mac" mcclaran