Thursday, March 8, 2012

Book Note: Revelations by Elaine Pagel

Elaine Pagels has published a new book on Revelation and revelations in early Christianity.  There was a terrific review of it in The New Yorker by Adam Gopnik HERE

I must confess that if Mr. Gopnik ever needs a book to review, I would be completely beside myself with joy if he were to review one of mine.  Wow can he write!  Give him a raise!

There is another review of the book in The Washington Post HERE.


bwhawk said...

Great links--thanks. This morning, I also listened to an interview with Pagels about her book for NPR: online here.

rick allen said...

Am I wrong to feel like there is a distressing lack of critical review of this book? To take an example that jumps out:

"It was only in the three-sixties that the church council, under the control of the fiery Athanasius, inserted Revelation as the climax of the entire New Testament."

What "church council" under the "control" of the "fiery Athanasius" foisted the Apocalypse onto the Church? Is this really Professor Pagel's thesis?