Saturday, March 10, 2012

On my way to Groningen

I am getting on a plane in a few hours to make the trek across the Atlantic to Amsterdam and then by train to Groningen.  I am speaking at the University of Groningen on the subject of the Gnostics and the Ancient New Age.  This is a first peek at the research I am currently conducting as I write my latest book, The Ancient New Age: The Birth of Christianity and the Triumph of Gnostic Spirituality.  I will be sharing the initial work I have done on recovering the Gnostic from the ancient testimonies.  My approach is quite different from what has gone on before.  I am looking at the question from the angle of the cognitive, in other words, how did the ancients understand and use the concept Gnostic?  This allows me to get at a new type of religiosity that I argue emerges in the first century: Gnostic spirituality.  You heard it first here!


wandrew said...

Looking forward to it! Only just getting around to finishing David Brakke's 2010 book 'The Gnostics'. Very interested in the 'New Age' of Late Antiquity. When's your book due to be published?

Boudewijn Koole van Brigdamme said...

Welcome to my home country, as well as in my home continent: have a good time!

Do you plan to have public lectures and/or meetings elsewhere in the Netherlands as well?

What a pity for me not to live in Groningen this time being.

I enjoy reading what you will write in the future.

Boudewijn Koole

monkey king said...

Wish I could be there. I will buy the book. After I buy your other new book.

Heimskringla said...

I'm certainly curious about this new line of enquiry.