Sunday, June 17, 2007

Announcing ""

I apologize for not posting on the blog very often this week. But I have been taking the time to put together a professional website so that I can move some of the sidebar material off the blog and onto a permanent site. Parts of the website,, are still under construction. I have much more I plan to add to the Gospel of Thomas page, and the page on Internet Resources is being built so don't bother with it for another few weeks. I'm open for ideas, if there are pages or information you would like to see on my website that isn't - please let me know.


David said...

Very nice. You have been busy!

g. wesley said...

the info you have there on the codex judas congress is very exciting.

JakeSchornick said...

Professor Deconick-

It's Jake from your classes over the past year. I am in Birmingham, England and was talking to a guy today and he was wanting to know what sort of manuscript evidence we have with the Gospel of Barnabas. I figured you would be the best person to ask about that. If you want to email me, you can send it to