Friday, June 1, 2007

Noam Chomsky Supports Bill 2265

Professors John Bolender of Mandaean Crisis International and Noam Chomsky asked me to post this statement in support of Bill 2265. If you wish to leave your own endorsement, please leave your name and city of residence (and any additional words) in the comments. If you wish to write directly to Congress in support of this bill's passage, please do so immediately since it is in committee right now. This link will take you to a template letter.

Professor Chomsky writes:
"I would like to express my strong support for HR 2265, the very least we can do for the people of Iraq who are suffering so bitterly from the consequences of the US-UK invasion and earlier actions, including their strong support for Saddam Hussein through his worst atrocities and well beyond. I hope particularly that the Mandaeans will be high on the priority list for rescue, in the light of the suffering they have endured and their highly vulnerable situation."
Noam Chomsky is Professor Emeritus of Linguistics at MIT. He revolutionized the study of language, and of mind generally, with his arguments for the role of transformations of mental representations in generating syntactic structures, in contrast to the earlier view that
language is fundamentally, perhaps even wholly, behavioral and cultural. He has also written prodigiously on the unfairness of many power structures in society, the use of the newsmedia as propaganda tools for maintaining those structures, and the sometimes negative effects of U.S. foreign policy.


Unknown said...

I hope this Bill will be a symbol of unity among the people of USA to help the Iraqi people against the craziness of wars and lend a hand of sympathy to those caught in the middle .

Suhaib Nashi

Murphy said...

I wholeheartedly support this Bill. I regret that we have not done this before now. The innocent Iraqi people, the Mandaeans, in particular, need help. Please help spread the word to others.

Beverly Murphy