Sunday, July 22, 2007

The Magdalene Feast

I just returned home from the Magdalene Festival held at Christ Cathedral in Houston. What a fabulous, moving, and inspiring celebration. I felt that we really brought Mary Magdalene as "the Apostle to the Apostles," into the church. The icon that Rev. Mary Green "wrote" was stunning, a real centerpiece of the Taize worship service. The music was outstanding, performed by Anita Kruse (pianist/composer), Jennifer Kenney (flutist), and Sonja Bruzauskas (soloist/singer).

I am very honored to have been part of this ceremony, and thank Betty Adam and Pam Stockton (President of Brigid's Place) for bringing the service to life in such a elegant and beautiful way. And it was so much fun to see a few of you there too!

This evening will be one of those warm fond memories that I will cherish in the years ahead.

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A prophetess (filled with the Spirit) who fled with the others to Rome near the end of the reign of Tiberias. (Acts 1:14)