Monday, February 25, 2008

Apocryphote of the Day: 2-25-08

The Savior swallowed up death. You know this. When he put aside the perishable world, he changed himself into an imperishable Aeon. He rose, having swallowed the visible through the invisible. He gave us the way to our immortality. As the Apostle said of him, "We suffered with him, we arose with him, we ascended with him"...This is the resurrection of the spirit, which swallows up the resurrection of the soul in the same way as the resurrection of the flesh. But if someone does not believe, he cannot be persuaded. For, my child, "the dead shall rise!" belongs to the domain of faith, not of argument.

The Treatise on the Resurrection 45.15-30, 40-46.9 (a Valentinian letter written to Rheginus) trans. by DeConick

Commentary: ca. 150-200 CE. Well, I opened the Treatise and my eye fell on this passage. Strange coincidence given that we are heading toward Wednesday 29th, for the Blog Post Co-op: What has Athens to do with Jerusalem? A couple readers have already sent me links to things they have written on the subject, but I'm reserving all until then!

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