Sunday, September 28, 2008

Parker now thinks that Palin is "out of her league"

Kathleen Parker who had been an early enthusiastic supporter of Palin has now changed her mind and asks directly for Palin to step down in HER EDITORIAL HERE. After listening to the interviews, Parker has come to the conclusion that Palin is out of her league. Palin doesn't know enough about international politics or the economy to function successfully as our President should the need arise, although Parker did note that the foreign male leaders that Palin met were infatuated with her. The Pakistani president asked to hug her because he was so smitten with her beauty.

So here we are again glaring into the face of sexism at its worse. We have standing before us a woman VP nominee who is not ready for the job. This is nothing but a mockery of women politicians in my opinion as I have said before on this blog (just scroll down to my last several posts). Why don't we have Senator Hutchinson, a woman who knows what she is doing, standing next to McCain? It is painful for me to watch a woman who finally "made it" be so unknowledgeable about the essentials, and for this to be seen as "okay" by Americans because she is a so-called "hockey-mom" and beauty queen. I dare say that if this were a male VP nominee none of us would tolerate it - think Dan Quayle.


Unknown said...

I wish it was not true but we Americans tend to choose presidents on the basis of personality, not experience. Consider:

George W. Bush (need I say more)
Bill Clinton (may not have liked G.H.W. but Bush had way more experience)
G.H.W. over Dukakis
Ronald Reagan
Jimmy Carter (very intelligent but more likeble than Gerald Ford.)
I think this stops with Nixon.

Now some of these were better presidents than their experience showed. Clinton is charismatic but was fairly good at policy too. G.H.W. Had the experience. Did the right thing in the 1st Gulf War. His son had to go and mess it up by taking Baghdad and trying to fix Iraq which his dad new was a mistake.

In any case, personality seems to win the game. Which may well mean that Obama may win - who also has little foreign policy experience. Go figure.

Roadscholar said...

ABC Wold News, in its "50 states in 50 days" series featured Kentucky last night, the Southern Baptist Theological seminary in Louisville, and the gender controversy related to the removing of "The Gospel Today" magazine from bookstore shelves (which April discussed in her blog last week.) I tried to find it on ABC and U tube to link to it but could not. The piece was fairly well done, given the time constraints imposed upon it, but I thought I would mention that the issue is getting some play.

Leon said...

We did tolerate Dan Quail, remember? When he was nominated, a male newscaster here in NYC said that all he had going for him was looks. A female newscaster responded, "What's wrong with that?"

Unknown said...

Oops I forgot Quayle. Hey, a one step link between VPs! One named Quayle and one who shot quail, er, his fellow hunter.

J. K. Gayle said...

So here we are again glaring into the face of sexism at its worse. We have standing before us a woman VP nominee who is not ready for the job. This is nothing but a mockery of women politicians

Thanks for this and your other related posts.

Unknown said...

Actually I think your forgetting the tragic choice of Biden,
Biden received 74,000 votes nationwide. Hillary Clinton received over 18 million( and actually won the popular democratic primary vote).
People are decrying the choice of Palin, but ignoring the cause. The refusal to give Hillary Clinton the vice presidential slot, being one of the most unfair things that has happened in democratic history.
If you want to jump someone go after Obama for not doing the right thing and setting this entire matter in motion.

José Solano said...

Palin did amazingly well against Biden tonight and it often seemed that he was rather trying to copy her style and appeal to the common voter. She was steady and articulate and did not allow the discussion to dwell on the areas in which Biden has more data knowledge. Biden’s effort to impress by throwing around lots of numbers may appeal more to gnostics than the common voter.

I think the ultra liberal commentators may have written her off too soon and that could well backfire after her respectable performance tonight. She may not do as well in off-the-cuff interviews but is much better when she prepares for her presentation. An important tactic in politics is not to let your opponent pull you into his area of expertise but stand on your strong points and issues. This she did commendably well and we found Biden trying the "me-too" approach.