Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Paul Foster: The Non-Canonical Gospels

Finally it is here! An affordable book ($29.95) introducing the non-canonical gospels. It is edited by Paul Foster. It is up-to-date and perfect for students in courses on the gospels. Some of the articles printed are revisions of earlier versions published in Expository Times last year, others appear in this volume for the first time. I think that this one is worth getting for your library and considering adopting for your courses.


J.K. Elliot, "The Non-Canonical Gospels and the New Testament Apocrypha: Currents in Early Christian Thought and Beyond"

April DeConick, "The Gospel of Thomas"

Paul Foster, "The Gospel of Peter"

Christopher Tuckett, "The Gospel of Mary"

Andrew Gregory, "Jewish-Christian Gospels"

Simon Gathercole, "The Gospel of Judas: An Unlikely Hero"

April DeConick, "The Gospel of Judas: A Parody of Apostolic Christianity"

Paul Foster, "The Protevangelium of James"

Tony Chartrand-Burke, "The Infancy Gospel of Thomas"

Tobias Nicklas, "Papyrus Egerton 2"

Thomas Kraus, "The Fayum Gospel"

Michael Kruger, "Papyrus Oxyrhynchus 840"

Paul Foster, "Secret Mark"

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