Wednesday, May 16, 2007

New Series on the Other Gospels in Expository Times

I want to draw your attention to a fantastic new series that Expository Times is publishing on the extracanonical gospels. These articles are written to present coherent accessible summaries of these gospels - the history of their interpretation, their provenance, and their meaning. Bibliographies of some of the major works are included at the end of each article.

I highly recommend these articles as a starting place if you are looking for information about any of these texts. They will make very good readings for classes, if you teach any of these gospels in your curriculum (whether university or church).

I plan to order hard copies of the journal for my personal library, but you can access this journal on-line. If your university has a subscription to the journal, you can print out a copy from your computer. If not, you can purchase individual articles on the website and print them from your computer.

My thanks to the editor, Paul Foster, who kindly sent me the details about the articles.

Expository Times 118 (2007)
Feb Gospel of Judas Simon Gathercole (Aberdeen) Exp Times 118.5 pp 209-215
Mar Papyrus Egerton 2 Tobias Nicklas (Nijmegen) Exp Times 118.6 pp 261-266
Apr Gospel of Peter Paul Foster (Edinburgh) Exp Times 118.7 pp 318-325
May Gospel of Mary Christopher Tuckett (Oxford) Exp Times 118.8 pp 365-371
Jun Gospel of Philip Paul Foster (Edinburgh) Exp Times 118.9 pp 417-427
July Gospel of Thomas April DeConick (Rice) Exp Times 118.10 pp. 469-479
Aug Jewish Christian Gospels Andrew Gregory (Oxford) ExpTimes 118.11
Sept Protevangelium of James Paul Foster (Edinburgh) Exp Times 118.12


John Noyce said...

$25 per article and not in the usual full text databases either...

April DeConick said...

Dear John,

Please see my newest post on this subject. I think you will be pleased.