Saturday, June 2, 2007

Lost Christianities DVD

Some of you have written to me about this new DVD. I didn't realize that it was available yet. It is a series of lectures that Charlie Hedrick, James Tabor and myself gave at a seminar last fall for the Biblical Archaeology Society.

The lectures in this seminar covered the texts of forgotten gospels, the mysteries of Gnostic beliefs, and some of the most important people in Jesus' life and mission.

A sampling of the lectures includes:

• HEDRICK's What's the Flap About the Gospel of Judas?

• DE CONICK's The Road Not Taken: The Mystical Gospel of Thomas

• TABOR's James and the Boys: The Mostly Forgotten Family/Dynasty of


John Noyce said...

Recent Australian radio program (27 May, 2007) on the Gospel of Judas:

Darrell Grizzle said...

This looks great, but before I shell out over a hundred bucks, I'd like to at least know the titles of the other 9 lectures. Is a Table of Contents available? Thanks!

April DeConick said...

I imagine. For this you will need to contact BAS since I had nothing to do with this except be taped. said...


Robert Eisenman believes Judas is a fabricated character, see

What is your view of the historicity of Judas? It seems unlikely to me that he would be described as a prophet in the Gospel of Judas (almost as throw-away information) if he were not a historical character.

Geoff said...

And if Judas was a bad boy in the Gospel of Judas, why is he not described as a false prophet?