Friday, June 15, 2007

For More Information about the Mandaeans

I have just noticed that a press release about Bill 2265 is referring people to my site for more information about the Mandaeans. I have many posts over the past few months which I copy here for you. Just click each link and you will be taken to the earlier post.

Template Letter and Addresses
How Can We Help the Mandaeans Survive?
What is the Mandaean Emergency Campaign?
Some Successes to Report
Professor Bolender starts "Mandaean Crisis International
Help for the Mandaeans
Mandaeans and the Sixth Stage of Genocide
Bill 2265 Letter
Noam Chomsky Supports Bill 2265

For general information about the Mandaeans, these are good online resources:

The Mandaeans (April DeConick)
Mandaean Associations Union
Mandaean Scriptures and Fragments
Mandaean Societies
Mandaic Alphabet
Mandaic and Neo-Mandaic Texts and Resources
Mandaic Language

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