Sunday, July 8, 2007

New Sidebar Blogroll

Thanks to my husband Wade for fiddling with the Google Reader. He has figured out how to set up a dynamic blogroll for my blog. The secret was to create a folder and then make the whole folder public. This took most of the afternoon to figure out and create. So thanks to Wade for this, which will help me keep up with what is going on on other biblioblogs. If you don't see your blog or a blog that you frequent on my roll and would like to have it added, just send me your weblog site address ( and I'll see what I can do (and hopefully not mess up something in the Google Reader!).


Mark Goodacre said...

Thanks for this, April. It's looking good. I swapped to using Google Reader's dynamic thing recently because it made it far easier than keeping up manually with all the blogs I read; I was moving stuff around day in, day out, and it's much easier to let Google to do the hard work. Greetings from North Carolina and all best, Mark

April DeConick said...


Hi! Glad you are back and blogging again. I liked your post about how much work you got done away from the internet. I too am finding that keeping up with this blog and internet news is more time-consuming than I had envisioned.