Monday, July 9, 2007

The Thirteenth Apostle available for pre-orders on Amazon Canada

The Thirteenth Apostle is now available for pre-ordering from Amazon Canada.

For those of you who have written to me in the past (and there have been many) upset because my books are so expensive, I heard you. My previous books have all been written for academic audiences with academic presses with very small runs. If a book only prints 600 or 1000 copies in hardback, the price is going to be high, and this has nothing to do with anyone making any money. We joke around the department here about the time one of my colleagues received a check for five cents from his publisher. The joke is that it is more than the rest of us have received. In fact, to subsidize the costs to publish my first book Seek to Seek Him, I actually had to pay $1000 to the publisher!

So when I turned to write this new book on the Gospel of Judas, I did so with a more general audience in mind. I contracted with a publisher that would run enough copies in the initial print run that the cost for the hardcover would be kept down. So the Canadian price on Amazon is only $15.42 CND.

I don't understand why some Amazon locations have the book while others, like the US, don't have it up for pre-ordering. It seems strange to me that a book will trickle into each location at separate dates. But I will keep you posted as soon as it becomes available in the US.

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