Thursday, July 24, 2008

Codex Sinaiticus maybe tomorrow?

Well if you want to see the Codex Sinaiticus on line, you may have to wait until tomorrow. There are over 100,000 viewers right now, and the system can't support any more. Who says that people aren't interested in ancient manuscripts?! HERE is the link. I will keep it on my sidebar under Internet Resources too.


Jared Calaway said...

Just use the German version of the site, which has less traffic. That's what I did! And it worked.

Pastor Bob said...

OK, I admit it, I'm 55 and have presbyopia but the text magnification only has 2 settings and I can't get it big enough to read the original text! I don't want to just read the transcription. Does anybody know when they are going to make larger images available?

April DeConick said...


There is a zoom bar on the left of the website screen. Adjust the bar with your cursor and it should magnify greatly - enough for you to read (even at 55-smile!).