Thursday, September 18, 2008

IKE Recovery

Thank you for the outpouring of your good wishes on this blog in the comments and in e-mails that have been sent to me. My family is fine and our house is fine. We are among the lucky. Houston was pounded, but it is nothing compared to where IKE hit land on Galveston and Bolivar peninsula. This picture is from Galveston island.

As I mentioned earlier, these areas look like bombed out war zones, especially the West end of Galveston and the Bolivar peninsula where two cities (Gilschrist and Crystal Beach) no longer exist.

For some reason, the press is not picking up the main concern of all of us here - where are the missing people? The latest reports I've heard from Galveston are that 15,000 people stayed on the island during IKE. But at this point only 9,500 have been accounted for. Certainly many will show up over the next few months as safe and well living in shelters on the mainland. But right now we don't know where 5,500 people are and families are trying to find relatives and friends that they know stayed on the island but who they haven't heard from. The horrific question is beginning to be whispered among us: how many were washed out to sea?


Roadscholar said...

Those pictures in the link below your previous entry are incredible. Why aren't we seeing any of this on the evening or cable news?

April DeConick said...

I don't know. This is one of the reasons that I am posting them. The world press is more interested in Sarah Palin than in the devastated lives of real people in Texas.