Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Zakaria weighs in on McCain's VP choice

CNN has reported this about a column in Newsweek where Zakaria is interviewed about McCain and Palin:
NEW YORK (CNN) -- In a column appearing in Newsweek, world affairs expert and author Fareed Zakaria said he thinks it would be best for Republican presidential hopeful John McCain if Gov. Sarah Palin bowed out as his vice presidential running mate.

Zakaria says McCain did not put the country first in making his V.P. choice, and he says Palin is not qualified to lead the United States.
MORE OF ZAKARIA'S INTERVIEW HERE. Zakaria emphasizes the fact that Palin is operating from a set of talking points which she repeats and confuses. Like Parker admitted yesterday in her editorial, Zakaria thinks it would be best for our country if Palin would step down. She is clearly not ready for the President's post if (more likely: when) she would need to take over the helm. Zakaria thinks that McCain did not make this VP choice with the best interest of our country in mind.

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David said...

Given the anger on "Main Street" about the current financial storm and the growing perception that Gov. Palin is a mistake for any office higher than small town mayor, perhaps it is not too much to hope that we are finally waking up politically and learning to recover our power as "the people".