Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Mandaeans in Massachusetts

Associated Press just published an important article about the Mandaean diaspora community in Massachusetts. There is real concern that the diaspora will be swallowed into the wider community. So to help preserve their ancient religion, they are trying to fund the building of a community center. Read more HERE.

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monkey king said...

Dr. D have you been able to establish contact with the Mandaeans here in Central Texas? I tried to friend some folks on facebook but they must be clanish there too. I have received training in using video equipment at our community cable access company and have made a couple of short videos. So I if could, I would like to make a short documentary about the M folks here. Counterintuitive I know given their proclivity for keeping to themselves but I think viewers of ChannelAustin would respect their privacy while assisting them in practical ways.

It's an idea.

Shlama Laikh,