Wednesday, December 16, 2009

What's on your desk?

I've been office cleaning this week and still in the process. Thought it would be fun to share five things that I found on my desk that I either forgot about or have been looking for but couldn't find previously beneath the massive paper mounds.
William Hartner, "The Pseudoplanetary Nodes of the Moon's Orbit in Hindu and Islamic Icongraphies," Ars Islamica 5 (1038) 112-154.

Howard M. Jackson, "The Meaning and Function of the Leontocephaline in Roman Mithraism," Numen 32 (1985) 17-45.

Bryan Wilson, Religion in Sociological Perspective (Oxford: Oxford University 1982).

Michael Frede, "Numenius," ANRW 36.2: 1034-1075.

Elliot Wolfson, "Seven Mysteries of Knowledge: Qumran E/sotericism Recovered," The Idea of Biblical Interpretation (2003) 177-215.
What is buried on your desk?


David said...

1. From Joshua to Caiaphas: High Priests after the Exile by James VanderKam

2. The Eliminationists: How Hate Talk radicalized the American Right by David Neiwert

3. Drupal 6 Search Engine Optimization by someone

So that's where that went...

steph said...

my laptop, my SAD light and my cat encroaching on my keyboard. And my Greek synopsis and a small marble bowl of crystals. And a cup of liquorice tea. My desk is always tidy and clean, books are always put back. Bit obsessive about that sort of thing... I do end up with six books at a time my desk but only when I am reading them all synoptically!

Rafael said...

I have a desk under this pile?!

Unknown said...

mostly mail, letters I should have opened a week ago, journals I haven't read yet, (quite a pile) and curiously 4 different Bibles: 1 King James (my grandfather's), one Revised Standard, (my college Bible required for class), and two New International Versions (one that the spine broke and I haven't even put it one the shelf yet after 2 years and one large print that I use for worship)

OH, and a printer and a few other computer attachments.

Rick Sumner said...

Like Steph, my desk is pretty clean. Other than computer periphals, a pad of paper and some pens, all I've got is a MacNeil paper on the Taurobolium in the fourth century. And that only because I just printed it. It'll get filed shortly.

bulbul said...

1. A bunch heavily annotated manuscripts (printouts of digital copies, that is)
2. Hey, there's my copy of Till's Koptische Grammatik, been looking for it all over!
3. A lot of dvds (mostly dayjob-related stuff)
4. Dictionary of Maltese.
5. I Templari e la sindone di Cristo by Barbara Frale, of the Chinon Parchment fame.

Ian said...

1. I have the ANRW "Numenius" article too! (I'd wondered where that went)

2. Fletcher-Louis' "All the Glory of Adam"

3. ANRW II 18.2 (I know that I was going to photocopy an article from this; which one ... )

4. Shapiro "O Tempora, O Mores" (That's right, I was going to photocopy an article from this for my students this past semester!)

5. Yates "Giordano Bruno and the Hermetic Tradition" (Now I have some light reading for Christmas break!)