Thursday, December 17, 2009

My Debut in BAR

This summer, I was asked to write a column for Biblical Archaeology Review that reflected my research on the Gospel of Thomas. It was just published in the January/February 2010 issue.

What's Up with the Gospel of Thomas?

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"It is nothing more than an early Christian expression of mysticism that developed out of an earlier, apocalyptically oriented Christianity that wished for the immediate end of the world."

So what was this earlier form of "Christianity"? It didn't just expect an immediate end of the world. There was surely far more substance to it than that.

PAULYR said...

I've been a subscriber to BAR for a long time and am excited about you writing for this mag. I already read your piece for the 'Biblical Views' column (thanks for the hyperlink) and think it is excellent, succinctly putting forth the 'new' view of GTh, which sees it as not heretical, but esoteric, yes. I would think your article will draw letters to the editor at BAR.

Unknown said...


What article DOESN'T draw letters to the editor at BAR? The "please cancel my subscription are usually the most interesting not from a scholarly point of view but rather because they insist that if BAR doesn't agree with them it must be wrong!

I read the article and enjoyed it. I'm not a pro in ancient documents (except in interpreting the Bible as a pastor) but the various views stimulate my thinking.

Bob MacDonald said...

I enjoyed the article very much, April. Thanks - very clear in avoiding our usual defensive assumptions. I referenced you over at Richard Beck's Christmas post.

sparkwidget said...

Rather problematic response to this article here:

Article also touches on the more general problems postmodernists see in scholarship.