Thursday, January 22, 2009

Gospel of Judas Conference Poster

I am trying a new feature I found on Scribd...embedding a pdf file. This one was sent by André Gagné. It is a poster for an upcoming conference on the Gospel of Judas in Canada. Is it working?

Gospel of Judas Event


Judy Redman said...

Yes, it works, but I had to scroll down to see the whole thing, which didn't work terribly well with a poster that is mainly graphic. :-(

Greg said...

It works for me. Interesting painting. The interlocking hands of Jesus are unusual. He appears to be guarding against letting Judas 'in'.


Greg said...

Just a note on Caravaggio's painting. A great book on it's rediscovery : The Lost Painting: The Quest for a Caravaggio Masterpiece. By Jonathan Harr. said...

The clash with the traditional establishment was that Judas was being kept out. After all, the gnostics were Gentiles, as was the other side, the 'establishment'. They dealt with Judas in a similar way.

The artist depicts something quite accidentally. Judas the Jew was the real prophet. The Gentile Jesus was the false or unreal prophet. said...

In fact one should now be asking oneself:

How come Judas the Jew was written out of his own story, only to appear as a villain in the betrayal of the fictitious Jesus the Gentile?

What did he teach?

When did he live?

How did Judas die?

Why do the writings attributed to Josephus also blame Judas for the first 'revolt'?

"the sedition at last increased so high, that the very temple of God was burnt down by the enemy's fire. Such were the consequences of this, that the customs of our fathers were altered, and such a change was made as added a mighty wieght toward bringing all to destruction, which these men occasioned by thus conspiring together; for Judas and Sadduc, who excited a fourth philosophic sect among us, and had a great many followers therein, filled our civil government with tumults, and laid the foundation of our future miseriesby this system of philosophy."

What was this 'system of philosophy'?

This Judas must have been, the same Judas, as the betrayer of the Gentile Jesus?

Robert Wahler said...

No, Geoff, this is Judas THE GALILEAN, whom Luke confuses with Judas Thomas in Acts 5:37. Have you read Dr. Robert Eisenman? He will get you started. 'Judas' was James in all sources, just covered-up in the canon. Read and then my book:

--Robert Wahler