Thursday, August 16, 2007


I'm back from holiday today, and trying to catch up at the office. I have one syllabus completed, and another that must be done. I have just spent about twelve hours working through the final proof for The Thirteenth Apostle, and I have an edited volume 600-page second proof sitting on my desk waiting for my attention. I also have a stack of data from my orality-scribality experiments that must be analyzed over the next two weeks. So there is much to do before classes start in a week and a half.

To top all off, tropical storm Erin has pelted Houston with a huge amount of rain, so the roads are flooding and my son's school has just closed for the day. So I'll be back regularly blogging soon, after the flood waters recede - both in terms of actual rain and in terms of last minute work that has to be completed before the semester starts.

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