Saturday, August 25, 2007

Major Dutch newspaper features my work on the Gospel of Judas

Matthijs den Dulk, a graduate student at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam wrote to one of the major Dutch newpapers about my work on the Gospel of Judas. He tells the story on his blog NT Today:
Some two weeks ago I sent an email to Trouw, one of the major Dutch newspapers. Following the release by National Geographic they devoted considerable attention to the Gospel of Judas and so I thought it would be helpful if the alternative interpretation of the gospel that DeConick and others advocate would also be mentioned. The newspaper responded favourably and two days ago published an article entitled 'Evangelie van Judas beeldt apostel uit als superslechterik', which in English would be something like: 'The Gospel of Judas Depicts the Apostle as Utterly Evil'. The article can be accessed here.
Thank you, Matthijs. I was very excited to learn about this from your blog and am grateful to you for your initiative, which has made known to thousands of people who would not otherwise have known that there is an alternative reading for this Gospel.

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