Thursday, April 17, 2008

Apocryphote of the Day: 4-17-08

My child, listen to my teaching which is good and useful, and end the sleep that weighs heavily upon you. Leave behind the forgetfulness which fills you with darkness. If you were unable to do this, I would not have said these things to you. But Christ has come in order to give you this gift. Why do you pursue the darkness when the light is at your disposal? Why do you drink stale water when sweet water is available? Wisdom summons, but you desire folly. Wisdom summons, "Come to me, all of you foolish people, that you may receive a gift - good and excellent knowledge. I am giving you a high-priestly robe which is woven with all kinds of wisdom."

Teaching of Silvanus 88.21-89.1, 89.5-14 (Alexandrian Christian text, second century).

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