Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Apocryphote of the Day: 4-9-08

In the name of the Great Life,
the sublime light be glorified.
You are the path of the perfect,
the way which leads up to the Place of Light.
You are eternal life,
who went forth and settled in a true heart.
You are wise and pleasant,
you teach wisdom and praise to all who love your name.
It is well for him who is attentive to you, my lord,
and walks on the path behind you.
You are the day of joy,
in which there is no sorrow or lamentation.
You are the wreath of victory
which is set on the head of the enlightened.
You are the light of the Mighty
for you went forth and came into the world.
You are the medicine,
which cures all who love your name.
Life is victorious, and victorious is the human!

Selections from GR 12.2 (Mandaean text)

Comment: this is a old psalm praising Kushta or Truth. She is a Light Being.

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