Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Apocryphote of the Day: 4-22-08

The soul of Adam came to exist by means of breath. The soul's twin is the spirit. His mother is the thing that was given to him. His soul was carried (to him), and he was given a spirit where the soul is. When he was unified, he spoke words incomprehensible to the powers. They envied him.

Gospel of Philip 70.23-29 (Valentinian text, mid-second century)

Comment: Who is Adam's mother?
I translated the word "unified" but it literally means "twinned" and is the same word, although a verb, as earlier in the passage with the spirit is called the soul's twin. So the idea is that the spirit and soul are twinned in the person, or united.

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de Puttenham said...

The author makes the point that Adam is more than an animal creation. The author believes the Creator has consciously put a soul and sequentially a spirit into Adam. These two design features, when present and combined, create the capability of having a spiritual life. The only experience the author has with the "bringing to life" process is motherhood. Hence the use of the mother metaphor. Therefore, his Creator is Adam's mother.