Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Apocryphote of the Day: 4-29-08

This is the knowledge of the living book that he revealed finally to the aeons as letters. He revealed how they are not just vowels nor consonants for reading, thinking they are without meaning. But they are letters of the truth which are spoken only by those who know them. Each letter is complete like a complete book because they are letters written in unity. The Father wrote them for the aeons so that through his letters they would know the Father.

His wisdom contemplates the Logos,
his teaching utters the Logos,
his knowledge has revealed the Logos,
his patience is a crown upon the Logos,
his joy is in harmony with the Logos,
his glory has exalted the Logos,
his image has revealed the Logos,
his rest has received the Logos into himself,
his love has made a body for the Logos,
his faith has embraced the Logos.

In this way the Logos of the Father goes forth in wholeness, as the fruit of his heart and an impression of his will. The Logos supports the wholeness. He chooses it and also receives the impression of the wholeness, purifying the wholeness, bringing it back into the Father, into the Mother, Jesus of the infinite sweetness.

Gospel of Truth 22.38-24.10 (early second century, perhaps a sermon written by Valentinus)

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