Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Speaking on behalf of Obama

I usually keep contemporary politics off my blog. But today I am upset enough about what I see happening in the media that I am going to say something here. Now that we have blogs, the media no longer controls all the public information. So my thought is let's use this to our advantage and let's start speaking out and passing a message of hope and reason around the blog world.

Like many of you, I am extremely concerned about the future of our country. I am also extremely concerned that we, the US populace, continue to allow the media to do our thinking for us, and essentially determine the election of the next President of the United States, as it did in the last election. And look at what a disaster that has turned out to be!

Aren't we brighter than this? Don't we realize that the media spins things this way and that way just to keep us entertained and watching TV? They are exploiting knowledge and our emotions, and keeping millions of us from actually talking about what actually matters. And how they do it is through FEAR. They make us afraid of our own shadows. They push all of our deep fear buttons. And the response is predictable.

And they are going at it big time now, feeding the frenzy - all of our fears about race and religion exposed and dumped on Obama. It saddens me greatly. In such a vicious climate, can we ever have another leader with a higher social vision? Or will we end up with the mediocre, and continue as usual?

PASS IT ON: Hope, Reason, Vision!


Memra said...

I can only quote George Santayana here, "Those who cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat it."

J. K. Gayle said...

Yes, let's speak hope and reason. Thank you for encouraging us to step up to the challenge of speaking out and speaking up!

Hooray for hope and reason, in the world!

Hooray for brave bloggers, like you!

Hooray for leaders with high social vision, like Senator Obama!

August said...

Yeah, that's not going to work. Clinton knows how to run the game, and she will win the nomination regardless of any message.

The election process is broken and meaningful candidates (I don't think Obama is one of them, but he's in Hillary's way) can't make it past the barriers of entry.

A bit too much of a coincidence for me that McCain the candidate is the same McCain that created the campaign finance "reform" just a while ago. The same reform that limits our freedom of speech.

R.Eagle said...

Here, here, Dr. D!

Yeah . . . darn media AND big biz who support them.

José Solano said...

When it comes to politicians for high office the best thing we can do to stop “repeating history” is to stop believing them. The powers that regulate war and peace are far greater than any individuals who pour out liberal platitudes for public consumption. There are essentially two types of issues in politics, those that have a financial foundation and those that don’t.

Those that have a financial foundation are governed by multinational corporations and the military industrial complex. The naïve believe that individual politicians can control them. On the contrary, they control the politicians regardless of how convincingly politicians may lie to you—and perhaps to themselves—about being free of such influences.

The only significant political battle that the public can enter is in the arena that has no significant financial foundation because the mechanism of the military industrial complex has minimal, if any interest in this. This arena is in the area of non-financial moral issues. That’s the area in which the public needs to concentrate when voting because none of the major politicians can alter the course driven by the ruthless and amoral mechanical powers of industry.

For instance, you can consider whether or not you wish to allow prayer in public schools or a voucher system. These are of no interest to the military industrial complex. They are non-money issues. You can think of many others.

Whether or not you vote Democrat or Republican it will in the end make no significant difference when it comes to the financial foundation issues.

Trou said...

"For instance, you can consider whether or not you wish to allow prayer in public schools or a voucher system. These are of no interest to the military industrial complex. They are non-money issues. You can think of many others."

Pretend to do something useful and retreat to your own little enclave.
No that’s not the answer. The powerful have out smarted most of us by pandering to the evangelicals years ago and look what they accomplished in doing so. It enabled them to place a group in power that they had influence over and have since proceeded to degrade our constitution, erode our freedom, commit atrocities and make us an international disgrace while stealing from our treasuries all the while.
How was this made possible? Because the fears of the so called persecuted Christian - secular humanism, gays, feminists, evolution and (insert whatever boogiemen you wish) - can be manipulated to the benefit of the rich and powerful. The media is controlled by the rich and powerful. IIRC about 5 corporations control print, radio and television. They have benefited greatly from the policies of the right wingers and wish to continue at the feeding trough along side the industrial military complex and the oil barons among others.
Let's not concern ourselves with prayer in the schools or degrade our education by undermining the school system. This is not a way to regain control of our nation. Education is where our efforts can bear the most fruit. Knowing how to think and reason effectively and putting a value on science as was done in the 60's can lead to a more intelligent voting public and a more prosperous nation.
This is a national day of prayer but it is also a national day of reason and I would rather see 2 hands working for peace and justice than 100 people praying. Let's not let the powerful manipulate our emotions and fears for their own gain. Let's take our nation back from these liars. There are plenty of ways to fact check without having to believe what the media tells us. I might add also, vote with the best interest of you and your countrymen in mind instead of the rich and powerful.