Thursday, May 22, 2008

Apocryphote of the Day: 5-21-08

This is the one who is called "Son"...
the form of the formless
the body of the bodiless
the face of the invisible
the word of the unutterable
the mind of the inconceivable
the fountain which flowed from (the Father)
the root of those who have been planted
the god of those who exist
the light of those whom he illuminates
the love of those whom he has loved
the providence of those for whom he provides
the wisdom of those whom he has made wise
the strength of those he has given strength
the assembly of those with whom he is present
the revelation of that which is sought
the eye of those who see
the spirit of those who breathe
the life of those who live
the unity of those who are united.

The Tripartite Tractate 65.29-30, 66.13-30 (a late second century Valentinian text, perhaps written by Heracleon?)

Commentary: This is an old Valentinian "canon" or "creed" about the "First Man", the "Son" of the Father. It is embedded in the narrative.

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Riley said...

I was reading this aloud and then started over again from the top and found it worked well as a looped prayer. Good for meditation I imagine.