Wednesday, May 7, 2008

The fathers at Zion Ranch

The Houston Chronicle reported today that it is likely that criminal charges will be brought against the husband(s) of the underage pregnant girls from the Zion Ranch. A special prosecutor has been approved.

A judge at the center of the largest custody battle in U.S. history has approved a request to bring in the Texas Attorney General's office to prosecute any future criminal charges in the case.

State District Judge Barbara Walther on Monday approved Tom Green County District Attorney Stephen Lupton's request for a special prosecutor in the case involving the Yearning For Zion Ranch north of Eldorado.



R.Eagle said...

Have you heard anything about the wealthy rancher who's got nearly 100 kids and 20 something wives?

Apparently, he was part of this group a ways back, but the leader excommunicated him for some reason.

April DeConick said...

Haven't heard about him. Geez this just keeps getting worse.