Monday, May 5, 2008

A Houston lesson

What a morning! After dropping my son off at school, I continued walking to my office. Not too long into the walk, the skies let loose. So out came my umbrella. But the rain was relentless and quickly I began sliding in my shoes, so off they came. I rolled up my pant legs and went on, feeling like a young school kid playing in the rain. Then the water started to rise in the streets, and mini-rivers began to flow, which I had to forge on foot. To say the least, by the time I got to my office, I was drenched, only to discover there are no blow dryers on campus in the restrooms. So I have wrung out my trousers, and borrowed a t-shirt from one of the building workers. I have learned a Houston lesson. Always keep a change of clothes at the office!

1 comment:

R.Eagle said...

Dang...that's funny, Dr. D...but you are quite the trooper!