Friday, May 30, 2008

House of Yahweh cult

The morning news in DALLAS reported earlier this month on a polygamous sect called the "House of Yahweh," and CPS's involvement with some of its children. I was unaware of this community until my husband told me about them last evening. Do any of you know more about this group?

CALLAHAN COUNTY – In his first sermon after leaving jail, Yisrayl "Buffalo Bill" Hawkins was in classic form: folksy, paternal and apocalyptic.

"No, we're not getting ready to kill ourselves," said the prophet of the House of Yahweh, a barbed wire kingdom of brimstone prophecies and abject poverty 15 miles southeast of Abilene...

The 73-year-old was arrested and indicted in February – less than two months before raids on the Eldorado compound – charged with four counts of promoting bigamy, made a felony in 2005 after the unrelated FLDS group arrived from Utah...

Mr. Hawkins also faces a misdemeanor charge of breaking child labor laws, accused of having up to 40 children working weekdays "in the fields, in a canning operation, in a cafeteria and in the butter making process."

Another member, elder Yedidiyah Hawkins, is expected to stand trial this summer on charges of aggravated sexual assault of his now 14-year-old stepdaughter, a girl who authorities allege he was planning to make his wife.

Yedidiyah, who like many members changed his last name to that of his teacher, faces additional charges, including bigamy and engaging in organized crime. Prosecutors say he has at least four wives...

Marleigh Meisner, a spokeswoman for Child Protective Services, said CPS has investigated at least 20 cases involving House of Yahweh members in recent years.

•Two cases resulted in the removal of children, including four taken from the home of Yedidiyah Hawkins.

•Officials removed two children from a home after a mother and her neighbor performed surgery on a 7-year-old girl who later died.

•CPS officials also investigated the death of a 1-year-old child who died of malnutrition and traumatic asphyxiation. Investigators found "reason to believe" the death was from medical and physical neglect. No criminal charges were brought in that case.

•Ms. Meisner declined to talk about any ongoing investigations or whether she believes abuse and neglect pervades the group.

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This is a link to Hawkins' own website, HOUSE OF YAHWEH


Jake said...

Yes, Mr. Hawkins has been around West Texas for years and years. Until his brother died some years ago they claimed to be the "two witnesses" of Revelation.

Mr. Hawkins comes from a strain of belief know as Yahwism. The primary tenet is the need to use the "correct" name of the Deity.

Speaking of which, while decidedly not orthodox, this is a sect of Christianity. But it is militantly non-trinitarian. But it is also necessary to use the "correct" name for Jesus. In this case that is believe to be YAHshua ("because the Father's name is in the Son"). It's interesting that adherents will regularly be seen wearing T-shirts emblazoned with the Hebrew letters Yud Hey Vav Shin Ayin, but cannot explain what should be done with that pesky Vav.

Other elements of their theology include attempts to literally follow the Torah. Thus, plural marriage.

Franklin Eugene Rhoads said...

Be advised that the House of Yahweh - Abilene, Texas (Not to be confused with other religious orders who go by "The House of Yahweh") is not a "sect of Christianity" and is not "MILITANTLY non-trinitarian". They are non-trinitarian but not "MILITANTLY".

Please see my web page at: for the most recent news on the House of Yahweh - Abilene, Texas.