Monday, October 8, 2007

For Judas Enthusiastics

I have recently discovered that Marvin Meyer has gathered together in a small book in English translation all known texts from antiquity that refer to the disciple "Judas" Iscariot. It's put together in the same fashion as his collection of "Mary" texts. Included are NT texts, Gospel of Judas, Dialogue of the Savior (?! - this is not Judas Iscariot, but another disciple by the name of Judas), Concept of Our Great Power, Acts of John, Papias, Apocrypha, Islamic sources, and the Golden Legend. Harper is publishing it and I think that its release date is December 1, 2007, but HarperOne catalogue says that it will be available to purchase 11-20-07. So I'm conjecturing that this means that it will be released to the public at AAR/SBL meeting in San Diego. Here is the link to Amazon on the book. It's called Judas.

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