Tuesday, October 23, 2007

James Tabor reviews The Thirteenth Apostle

Professor Tabor has just posted a review of my book on his blog, The Jesus Dynasty. I am delighted that he has endorsed the book and offered such a kind review. I tried very hard to make the book accessible in terms of explaining Gnostic traditions as well as the Gospel of Judas in particular. So I am especially happy that he found so valuable the chapter in which I explain what Gnosticism is, and the appendices in which I cover all known Sethian literature. Here is the link.


gdelassu said...

Our copy arrived the other day. It was a quick read. Both my wife and I found it very enjoyable and the thesis very engaging and persuasive. We thank you for writing it.

SpiritMeadow said...

Oh I went and read the review. How truly wonderful it sounds. Being on a fixed income prevents my purchasing it, but I truly enjoy your blog, learn a ton from it and the discussions and wish you well!

April DeConick said...

Thanks for your kind words here!

If you feel so moved, please post your comments on Amazon. I know that people who are trying to decide if they will read the book or not are influenced by those reviews.